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Republican Official: ‘The More Bad Things Happen In The Country, The More We Support Trump’



As mass protests over police brutality take place across the nation, COVID-19 killing people, and the economy falling apart, local Republican officials are boasting that the “more bad things happen, the more they support Trump.” In fact, even as the president’s approval rating keeps plummeting, his supporters sound surprisingly confident about November’s election, according to Politico.

The news outlet spoke to more than 50 state, district, and county Republican Party chairs who seem to believe that each fresh catastrophe in the U.S. only solidifies support behind the fraudulent and erratic president.

“The more bad things happen in the country, it just solidifies support for Trump,” said Phillip Stephens, GOP chairman in Robeson County, N.C. “We’re calling him ‘Teflon Trump.’ Nothing’s going to stick, because if anything, it’s getting more exciting than it was in 2016.”

“We’re thinking landslide,” Stephens said, according to Politico.

Yup. Despite Trump falling behind Joe Biden in most swing-state polls, and trailing by more than 8 percentage points nationnly, local party officials are confident Trump will pull off a “landslide” in November.

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