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GOP Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Strangling And Assaulting Woman During Quarantine: Report



Kentucky Republican state Rep. Robert Goforth was arrested this week after allegedly attempting to strangle and hog-tie a woman.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported on Tuesday that the victim had come to the 911 dispatch center earlier that morning to report the crime.

According to Laurel County Sheriff John Root, Goforth was arrested early Tuesday morning on charges of strangulation, assault and terroristic threatening.

The victim said that Goforth attacked her over a dispute about unlocking her phone.

The Herald-Leader reported the following:

She had visible marks on her forehead, neck and arms, as well as bruising on her leg, the citation said.

The victim told police that she tried to flee from Goforth, and that he made several attempts to “hog tie her,” according to the citation. He also allegedly strangled her with an ethernet cable to the point where she said she thought she was going to pass out, according to the citation.

She also told police that Goforth said he was going to kill her during the altercation, according to the arrest citation.

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