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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Says Underage Victims Of Rape Can Find ‘Healing’ By Having Baby



Tudor Dixon

During an interview aired on Fox 2 Detroit Friday, Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon said that underage victims rape can get “healing” by having the baby of her rapist.

Dixon, a conservative commentator who won the GOP primary this month following the endorsement of former president Donald Trump, was asked if a 14-year-old rape victim should be able to have an abortion.

She replied that she had spoken to people who were the children of rape victims and that “the bond that those two people made and the fact that out of that tragedy there was healing through that baby.”

She also told the news outlet that she was “pro-life with exceptions for life of the mother” and claimed that campaign ads that portrayed her as not believing in the life of the mother were “not true” and that her view is that the “health of the mother and life of the mother are two different things.”

She described the ads as “fake” stories.

Dixon is looking to unseat incumbent Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer, who she is trailing by five percentage points, 51 percent to 46 percent, according to a poll from AARP this week.

However, Whitmer holds a 17-point lead over Dixon among women voters, according to the poll.

Watch the video below.