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Giuliani Slapped With Subpoena In Special Counsel Investigation



Rudy Giuiani

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has yet again been subpoenaed to testify about his role in the former president’s effort to illegally remain in power despite losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

As reported by CNN’s Katelyn Polantz and Sara Murray, the subpoena was issued by special counsel Jack Smith, the investigator managing all the federal criminal probes involving Donald Trump.

“The subpoena, which was sent more than a month ago and has not been previously reported, requests documents from Giuliani about payments he received around the 2020 election, when Giuliani filed numerous lawsuits on Trump’s behalf contesting the election results, the person said,” reported Katelyn Polantz and Sara Murray.

“Prosecutors have also subpoenaed other witnesses who are close to Trump, asking specifically for documents related to disbursements from the Save America PAC, Trump’s primary fundraising operation set up shortly after the 2020 election, according to other sources with insight into the probe,” the report states.

The reporters noted that the subpoena seems to represent a “follow the money” strategy when it comes to investigating Trump’s efforts to illegally remain in power despite losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

“Save America was part of broader fundraising efforts by Trump and the Republican Party that raised more than $250 million after the election. Since then, the political action committee has compensated several lawyers who now represent Trump and his allies in January 6-related investigations,” they wrote. “The subpoenas to other witnesses in addition to Giuliani were sent in late December, according to the other sources.”

The development comes as Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and a longtime ally of the former president, faces a number of other legal problems.


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