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Giuliani Inadvertently Admits Biden Won While Trying To Blame Him Over DOJ Investigation



Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who is still fighting to overturn the election in Trump’s favor, may have had a mishap while ranting on Twitter on Tuesday.

Giuliani lashed out at President-elect Joe Biden and accused him of using a “secret police” to investigate him. While attacked Biden, Giuliani appeared to admit that the former vice president had won the election.

NBC News first reported this week that federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have considered issuing a warrant for Giuliani’s emails as part of a probe into his dealings in Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that prosecutors are also interested in Giuliani’s bank records.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Giuliani suggested that Biden was behind the effort to prosecute him.

“I’m proud to be number one on Biden Vindictive government list,” Giuliani wrote. “Sounds like the DOJ anti-Trumpers can’t wait for Biden to make DOJ the GOVERNMENT Secret Police like they were under Obama.”

“They want to seize my emails,” he added. “Attorney-Client privilege.?”

Giuliani’s tweet seemed to acknowledge Biden’s win.

“This concession by Rudy Giuliani that POTUS-elect Joe Biden will be taking office soon is overdue, but it should be noted that outgoing President Trump remains in power until Jan. 20,” court reporter Adam Klasfeld pointed out. “The news he’s railing about broke yesterday, during the lame duck session.”

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