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Giuliani Hits Clinton, Biden For 9/11 Attack That Happened On George W. Bush’s Watch



Rudy Giuliani

On Sunday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested that former President Bill Clinton is to blame for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 because he is a “sucker” and appeared to predict another attack because President Biden pulled out of Afghanistan.

During an interview on WTTG, Giuliani said that Osama Bin Laden wanted “to break our spirit, to demoralize us, you take our financial center, our military center, our political center all in one shot.” He then blamed “weak Americans” like “Bill Clinton and Joe Biden” for allowing it despite the fact that the attack took place under George W. Bush’s presidency.

“Those weak Americans — remember, [Al Qaeda] had attacked us a couple of times and declared war against us, and basically Bill Clinton kind of did what Biden just did.”

“You know, a little strike here, a little strike there, a couple of fields that had no people in it,” he continued. “All that said to [Osama bin Laden] is, ‘I’ve got a sucker on my hands. I can hit this guy and who knows. I might not get anything.'”

Watch the video below from WTTG.