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Georgia GOP Sen David Perdue May Have Lied About Knowledge Of Stock Trades: Report



Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), who has constantly claimed that his stock portfolio is managed by “outside” advisers, is now being accused of lying after evidence surfaces showing that the Georgia Republican personally made decisions on individual stock trades.

“On Wednesday, [The New York Times] reported that Perdue was investigated by the Department of Justice as it probed possible insider trading from a number of lawmakers over their investment activity around the coronavirus spread,” reported Sam Brodey of The Daily Beast. “That investigation found that an executive at an Atlanta-based company called Cardlytics, where Perdue had previously served on the board, mistakenly sent Perdue a vague email in January saying changes were coming to the company.”

“The Times reported that after receiving that email, Perdue contacted Robert Hutchinson, his investment adviser at Goldman Sachs, and directed him to sell more than $1 million worth of stock in Cardlytics, or about 20 percent of his holdings in the company,” said the report. “The FBI obtained a memorialization of that conversation, according to the Times. Weeks later, the company’s stock price bottomed out after an executive shakeup and the announcement of expectations of diminished revenue. The timing of Perdue’s trades shielded him from significant loss.”

Another report showed that Perdue later bought back shares of Cardlytics at a much lower price, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars after the stock quadrupled in value.

Perdue is currently in a closely-contested runoff election that will help decide control of the Senate early next year.

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