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George Stephanopoulos Confronts South Dakota Gov. Over False Claims Of Voter Fraud



Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was challenged by ABC host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday after she suggested during an interview that “illegal activities” in the election are behind President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“People have signed legal documents …stating that they saw illegal activities,” Noem said on ABC’s “This Week.” She also cited a New York Times report of “clerical errors.”

“No widespread fraud, governor. That’s very different,” Stephanopoulos responded.

“We gave Al Gore 37 days to runs the process before we decided who was going to be president. Why would we not afford the 70.6 million Americans that voted for President Trump the same consideration?” Noem responded, referring to the 2000 Democratic nominee.

Stephanopoulos pointed out that Gore was behind by 500 votes in a single state in the 2000 election, while Biden now leads in multiple states by tens of thousands of votes.

“That is not close. That is not within the margin that elections are usually turned around on,” he said.

“This isn’t just about this election. This is about every election in the future. And the fact that the American people, the everyday people who get up and work hard, that are suffering through this pandemic, that have tragically lost family members, that they need to know at least America still functions and we care about doing things right,” Noem responded.

“It starts with providing evidence. You still have not provided it,” Stephanopoulos replied.


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