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George Santos’ Latest Lies Are Even More Brazen Than Anything You’ve Heard



George Santos

The list of things GOP Rep. George Santos didn’t lie about while running for Congress is quickly becoming shorter than the things he lied about. In newly-unearthed interviews from 2020, Santos claimed he was a volleyball star at Baruch College in New York, and said he received two knee replacements because of volleyball.

In a separate interview, he claimed to have obtained “an MBA from NYU and has zero debt.”

Of course, as noted by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Santos was not a volleyball star and he didn’t attend Baruch College. He never went to NYU either.

The revelations come from when Santos spoke with Sid & Friends in the Morning on New York City radio while running his Congressional campaign.

“I actually went to school on a volleyball scholarship,” He said. “When I was in Baruch (College) … we went to play against Harvard and Yale, and we slayed them. We were champions across the Northeast corridor. Every school that came up against us—they were shaking at the time,” he gloated.

“… Look, I sacrificed both my knees and got very nice knee replacements from playing volleyball.

In another interview, Santos claimed to have obtained an MBA from NYU and blasted young people for a lack of work ethic.

“I put myself through college and got an MBA from NYU and I have zero debt,” he said during an appearance on the Police Off The Cuff podcast during his initial (and failed) run for Congress. “I hate looking at youth today and seeing them sitting on their behinds and acting like, ‘Ugh, this is so hard.’”

However, Santos never graduated from New York University or any college or university.

The Morning Joe hosts, as you might imagine, had a field day with the latest fabrication from a Congressman quickly becoming known for them.

Watch the segment below.

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