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Gang of Goats Take Over Texas Neighborhood



Texas goats
Image source: (YouTube)

A Texas neighborhood in McKinney was unexpectedly invaded by a group of goats as they grazed their way through a nearby development area.

The residents of the neighborhood were taken by surprise when they woke up to find a peculiar sight on their front lawns.

“I had a whole flock of forty goats on my lawn,” exclaimed Garrett Piersall, one of the residents.

The incident was captured by multiple house cameras, revealing the leisurely procession of the goats late Saturday night and into early Sunday morning.

“They were calmly making their way down the road and then settled down right here,” pointed out Mike Danielson, another resident, as he gestured towards his front yard.

These forty goats had apparently strayed from a larger herd that had been tasked with vegetation control in a nearby development. Normally, goats are employed during the fire season to consume plants and reduce the risk of wildfires. However, this particular group decided to explore the neighborhood instead.

“It seems like they nibbled on everyone’s yard around the entire block. I even caught one of them standing on its hind legs, munching on my tree. It was quite a sight,” recounted Piersall. “Things can get a little wild around here from time to time.”

Fortunately, all the goats were successfully located and reunited with their original herd, restoring tranquility to the McKinney neighborhood once more.

Watch the report below from local station WUSA9.

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