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Fox News Segment Thrown Into Chaos After Jesse Watters Loses It Over Biden Not Being In Jail



Jesse Watters

During a panel discussion on the first hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government,” Fox News host Jesse Watters railed against the lack of arrests in the Hunter Biden investigation.

At the hearing, Republicans on the panel tried, and failed to prove the federal government has been targeting conservatives.

But Watters pivoted to complaint about President Biden and his son, Hunter, not being in prison. Watters cited testimony from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who claims to have received FBI “whistleblower disclosures” about “voluminous evidence with the respect to potential criminal conduct” by Hunter and his brother James Biden.

Grassley said the documents state Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business dealings and “may have been involved in some of them.”

“And no one’s even talking about it!” Watters said. “You wanna know why? Because everybody already knows that! Everybody already knows all of this stuff! So, what is the endgame here?”

To be clear, no evidence has been publicly presented showing Joe Biden benefitted from his son’s business deals.

“We get screwed, then we have a hearing,” Watters continued, referring to conservatives. “Nothing happens. We get screwed again. We have a hearing. Nothing happens.”

He then referenced FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by President Donald Trump after he fired James Comey. The termination stemmed from the FBI’s investigation into whether Trump colluded with the Russian government to get elected in 2016. Afterward, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed a special counsel to oversee the probe.

“Trump gets elected,” he said. “What’s he gonna, go in there and fire Chris Wray? Last time anybody did that, he got impeached for it, he got a special counsel down his throat.”

Of course, that is false. Trump was impeached twice, but in neither instance was it for terminating Comey. Rather, Trump was impeached for withholding aid from Ukraine to get authorities there to investigate the Bidens. Later, he was impeached for inciting an insurrection at the Capitol.

“So, we have an FBI dictatorship here. You either fire him and die or you can’t touch him and you still die,” he said of Wray, who was handpicked by Trump.

“I’m sick of these hearings,” he said. Make me feel better, guys. Tell me this is going somewhere. Can I throw someone in prison? Can someone go to jail, Can someone get fined?”

Jeanine Pirro lamented the alleged loss of “an objective Department of Justice.

“We don’t have it!” Watters exclaimed. “They’re under investigation, we don’t have an objective anything anymore!

Jessica Tarlov noted the of the much-anticipated investigation by Special Counsel John Durham, which conservatives hoped would prove the origins of the Trump-Russia probe were corrupt.

“Just very quickly,” she began. You guys got the Durham investigation, which was supposed to blow the lid off–”

“Exactly!” Watters shouted.

“–and it ended up with nothing because there is nothing.”

“Stop!” Watters yelled. “You guys admitted you planted the [Steele] dossier!”

“What?!” Tarlov replied.

“You admitted you framed him as a traitor and you want to investigate our investigation? We’re investigating the investigators!”

Tarlov tried to get a word in but Watters again screamed, “We’re investigating the investigators!”

That led to a wild exchange between the co-hosts with Tarlov suggesting Watters may have committed voter fraud.

Watch the full clip below via Fox News.


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