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Fox News Hosts Blast U.S. Generals, George W. Bush For Condemning Domestic Terrorists



Fox and Friends

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed former President George W. Bush’s speech on the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, calling it “jarring” because he mentioned domestic terrorism. She also said that it was inappropriate for the U.S. military to issue a “stand down” order on white supremacy.

During her rant, Campos-Duffy argued that Bush’s speech “takes the focus off of who we need to be focused on.”

“And I also think that motivations matter,” she explained. “The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate Western civilization. They hate America. They have lots of reason for that.”

“Regardless of what you think about what happened on Jan. 6, the people there went in with the flags,” the Fox News host continued. “They were not America haters. They were people who were angry and expressing their anger in a very bad way about an election result. Those are not equivalent things.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth griped that people who refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccine have also been compared to terrorists.

“Well, they had a stand down, right, on white supremacy in the military,” Campos-Duffy chimed in. “And I guess I’m just not seeing that that’s worthy of a stand down.”

“That’s your non-white rage speaking,” Hegseth quipped. “I share your frustration.”

Watch the video below via Fox News.