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Fox News Host Lashes Out At RNC Chair For Claiming GOP Is ‘More United Than Ever’: ‘The Republican Party Has Been Shamed!’



Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel spoke with Fox Business host Stuart Vardy on Wednesday and claimed that the GOP “are more united than ever.”

Varney pointed out to McDaniel that there are still a handful of holdouts who refuse to vote for Kevin McCarthy, as he lost his fourth bid to become House Speaker.

McDaniel replied that she’s “hopeful” that there’s still a path to GOP unity on the issue.

“But what is the way?” Varney asked, sounding frustrated.

“You keep saying there is a way to bring this conference together — what is the way?” Varney pressed.

Not satisfied with McDaniel’s answer that Republicans “need to come together,” Varney told her that if they don’t, it’s “utter chaos.”

“And the Republican Party has been shamed, frankly, hasn’t it?” Varney said.

“We have to come together,” McDaniel replied. “The American people, they don’t understand all the rules and motions to vacate, they want to see us do the business of their business. I mean, they know our country’s not on the right track.”

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