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Fox News GOP Strategist Says Trump Is Done For Heading Into Election: ‘He’s In Big Trouble’



GOP strategist Colin Reed wrote a column for Fox News on Monday, warning that Donald Trump and the Republican Party itself are in “big trouble” heading into the 2020 elections.

“Trump faces an ominous four-headed monster as campaign 2020’s hourglass winds down — factors that will reverberate down-ballot into Senate races,” he writes.

Reed points to Trump needing to campaign in places like Georgia just days prior to the election, which shows that Trump is playing “defense” in states he should have locked in by now.

He also notes that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is “swamping” the president’s campaign financially, and that the COVID-19 pandemic is “cresting at the worst possible moment.”

The “most important” factor, writes Reed, is the fact that “Biden is not Hillary Clinton.”

“His approval numbers are right at 50 percent, according to Real Clear Politics, with his unfavorable marks sitting at 44,” he writes. “Clinton, by contrast, entered election day 2016 with her favorability 12 points underwater, 42-54 percent.”

You can read Reed’s full column HERE.

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