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Trump Orders New Non-Scalable’ Fence To Be Installed Around White House Before The Election



The Trump administration has ordered a new “non-scalable” fence to be installed around the White House one day before ballots are cast on Tuesday. The move comes as concerns rise over potential election disputes, CNN reports.

The fence will be similar to the barrier that was erected along the White House’s perimeters earlier this year amid widespread protests following the police killing of George Floyd in late May, and will reportedly go up on Monday around the Ellipse and Lafayette Square, on 15th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, as well as 17th Street and on H Street NW.

D.C. police officials have already been making preparations for potential unrest in the District around the election, according to CNN.

The report also warned that five states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Oregon — were at risk to experience increased militia activity ahead of the elections and afterward, citing a newly released study.