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Former GOP Lawmaker: I’ve Left The Republican Party And I’m Not Going Back, Even After Trump Is Gone



During an interview on On MSNBC Saturday, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) said that he has left the Republican party and he will never go back, even after President Donald Trump is out of office.

Jolly’s remarks came after he was asked whether he is planning on running a candidate in the coming election representing the “Serve America Movement” (SAM) he’s heading.

“A lot of people were afraid we’d be running a presidential candidate in 2020. That’s not what this is about,” Jolly told host Ali Velshi.

“SAM is a group of current existing Republicans, Democrats, independents and former who are focused on trying to inject greater competition to our politics and get a greater result,” he continued.

“I’m indicative of somebody that aligns with SAM because, Ali, most of my fellow Never Trump Republicans will go right back to being a Republican when Donald Trump is gone. I’m not. I’ve left the party and I’m not going back, but I also feel liberated by rejecting partisanship, and I’m not ready to pick up the blue jersey, if you will, the ideological blue jersey. But I do want to see something better … nationally we’re a democracy reform organization focused on increasing competition for both parties through undoing partisan gerrymandering, stopping state support of closed partisan primaries, addressing money in politics.”

“At the end of the day, ideology is important to a lot of voters, but a lot of voters just want a government that works, that appeals to a cross-partisan coalition,” added Jolly. “COVID-19 is a perfect example. It was a missed opportunity by an unfit administration and the distracted Congress. It wasn’t missed intelligence. We need better. SAM hopes to fill that gap, not in creating a moderate ideology coalition but creating a coalition around a government that works.”

Watch the interview below via MSNBC: