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Florida Woman Found With 24 Pipe Bombs, Hit List Won’t Serve Jail Time: Report



Michelle Kolts

A Florida judge allowed a woman who was found with 24 homemade pipe bombs and a hit list to walk free, ordering her to receive mental health treatment instead of prison time after she pleaded guilty Wednesday.

According to local station Fox News 13, Michelle Kolts pleaded guilty in a Tampa courtroom to reduce charges following her 2019 arrest. She was originally charged with 24 counts of making, possessing and discharging a destructive device.

Police found 24 homemade bombs in Kolts’ bedroom in the home she shared with her parents in October 2019. The devices were filled with nails, screws, and pellets, along with materials to make more bombs, and books about terrorist bombings. Also found was a hit list.

Authorities did not reveal the names on her target list.

Kolts was arrested on charges that could have landed her in prison for 100 years. However, in 2019, the judge found her unfit to stand trial. Her mental health treatment will include counseling at an in-house facility. There will be no record of a criminal conviction as well.

“She’s not going to suffer the stigma of a conviction on any of those counts as long as she stays crime-free and abides by the terms of her probation,” Kolts’ attorney, Barry Taracks, said, Fox Tampa reported.