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Florida Sheriff: Trump Can’t Have Convention In State Until He Pays His Unpaid Security Bills



Donald Trump’s unpaid security bills from his rallies and events are starting to catch up to him. One Florida sheriff is threatening to disallow Trump to hold the Republican National Convention in the state if he doesn’t pay his bills.

Politico spoke with Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who told the publication that “Trump’s security detail already makes such big demands of local law enforcement that it makes it difficult to supply security for him.” He explained that he saw what that was like firsthand when Trump visited Daytona Beach recently.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest concern for municipalities has been that Trump’s campaign has refused to pay for additional security costs since the 2016 campaign.

Trump’s campaign has been ignoring bills from Lebanon, Ohio, Mesa, Arizona and Erie, Pennsylvania, to name a few. To this day he owes money to multiple cities.

While Sheriff Chitwood doesn’t want to get played by Trump, he confessed that he’s scared not to go along with the president’s demands.

“There’s a fear of telling him no because anyone who tells the president no, it’s like, off with their heads,” he told Politico.

“There are going to be tons of issues,” he added. “This has something that has never ever happened before. And for some reason, commonsense is being thrown out the window.”

Politico spoke to other sheriffs from the state. You can read those interviews HERE.

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