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Florida Man Goes On Wild Rampage At Miami Airpot Over Mask Mandate



Florida anti masker

A maskless Florida man went on a rampage at the Miami International Airport Friday night, throwing punches and intimidating airport staff while yelling, “F-ck yourselves, p-ssy ass (N-word) over the airport’s mask mandate.

At one point the wild man picked one pole and threatened to hit an official with it. He was seen pacing up and down with a lot of force, yelling, kicking stuff around without any concern for the safety of the people around him.

Onlookers filmed the whole ordeal and posted the video on social media. The incident reportedly took place after airline staff refused to let him proceed to the boarding gate without a mask.

Incredibly, there was no security in sight during the violent incident, and many are calling it a serious threat to the safety of people at the airport since there was no one around to stop this man.

“Where’s the damn police?” a woman can be heard asking in the video.

Many Twitter users expressed their concern about the fact that the violent man made it to the boarding gate without a mask.

“This is in the gate area. How did he get this far without a mask? Guys, always keep your hands up protecting your face in this situation. Hold them up open hands like you want no trouble. You can block a strike and then strike back. Self-defense 101. Go quick to throat,” an irate user tweeted. “Where are the airport police? You try to take a bottle of shampoo thru security and they are on you immediately,” another user tweeted.

Miami International Airport sent out a tweet addressing the situation. “We continue to stand firm with @MiamiDadePD in protecting the security/safety of all areas in the airport. @FAANews reported unruly behavior incidents are to more than 3,800 in ‘21. We don’t tolerate this behavior at MIA. Police responded & apprehended the passenger,” the tweet read.