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‘Five Years Investigating, You Got Nothing’: Fox Host Deflates GOP’s Probe Into The Bidens



Fox News host slams Republican investigation into the Bidens

Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Tuesday expressed frustration with Republicans for having nothing on Joe and Hunter Biden after dragging their names with incendiary accusations and investigating them for over five years.

The “America’s Newsroom” anchor seemed skeptical throughout his 5:31 interview with Comer both of his claims to have dirt on a “new” Biden family member and the value of newly subpoenaed Hunter Biden financial documents going back 14 years.

“It’s rather incendiary and we’ll see whether or not you’re on to something. Again, five years investigating, nothing just yet,” Hemmer told GOP Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer.

It’s not clear whether Hemmer was expressing impatience over the lack of results in their investigation, or openly criticizing Republicans for the politically-motivated fishing expedition, which is not very popular with the public.

Whatever the reason, Hemmer was clearly telling Comer to put up or shut up on the Biden investigations.

Watch the exchange below: