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‘Expect A Circus’: Internet Reacts To Trump Choosing Controversial Attorneys To Lead His Impeachment Defense Team



Donald Trump raised some eyebrows after he announced that attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr would be leading his impeachment defense team.

Many people, including his own White House aides, were skeptical over Trump’s decision to include Dershowitz and Starr in the team since both attorneys helped late financier Jeffrey Epstein secure a sweetheart deal as he battled dozens of sex abuse claims by teenage girls.

If that wasn’t bad enough, both attorneys have a questionable past when it comes to sexual abuse.

Dershowitz has been accused of sex abuse by one of Epstein’s victims, and Starr was ousted as president of Baylor University in 2016 after an investigation into his handling of sexual assault claims against football players.

The internet decided to chime in on Trump’s decision. Take a look at some of the responses below:

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