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Ex-Wrestling Champ’s DNA Test Clears Him as Lauren Boebert’s Father, But Says His Reputation Has Been ‘Tarnished’



Lauren Boebert

Former professional wrestling champion Stan Lane has revealed that a DNA test has proven he is not the father of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.).

Lane said he had a brief relationship with Boebert’s mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz, in Florida during the 1980s. He explained that they went through a legal process and a court-ordered paternity test, which concluded that he was not the father and dismissed the case.

However, Bentz continued to assert her claim. After discovering a phlebotomist had switched samples in an unrelated case involving an NFL player, Bentz petitioned for another investigation, and a new DNA test was conducted, with Boebert handling the sample. Both Lane and Boebert agree that the recent test definitively proves Lane is not her father.

The former wrestler expressed his frustration at the false claims made against him over the years, stating that they have significantly tarnished his otherwise good reputation.

Lane, known for his tag-team skills in various wrestling duos, retired from the sport in 1993, briefly pursued announcing, returned in the mid-1990s, and ultimately retired again in 2008.

In his statement, Lane expressed his desire to enjoy retirement with his wife and wished Boebert success in her search for her biological father, should she continue her quest.


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