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Ex-Republican Reveals Harsh Truth That Will Crush Trump’s Chances To Run In 2024



Former Republican Congressman David Jolly (FL) spoke with MSNBC on Monday and took note that Donald Trump has no chance of winning the primary Republican election for President in 2024.

“The reality is if we’re not talking about Donald Trump, it’s Ron DeSantis and everybody else,” said Jolly. “In fact, it is a question, if Donald Trump were to really fizzle out, does this look more like a 2000 coronation of Bush 43 within the Republican nomination process is it going to be DeSantis from start to finish?”

He noted that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) might get in but he’s having serious issues with his family that might prevent him from forcing them more into the public eye.

“I think there are some other names. Ted Cruz may get in. The Miami mayor, Frances Suarez is continuing to tease out that he might be interested in running,” Jolly continued. “And you know, does that really shake up a DeSantis race we’ll see. But I think the more interesting thing here Richard is this it is hard to think about Donald Trump as a candidate. We think of him, many consider him uniquely dangerous to the country and the Constitution but if you just consider him a Republican presidential candidate in ’24 who was the first to launch — he’s a terrible candidate right now.”

“So, it makes it easy for Ron DeSantis to make the case without really having to go to Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is making the case against himself week by week he’s having a terrible, terrible launch and Ron DeSantis is sitting back as a beneficiary of all of that,” said Jolly.

Take a look at his remarks below:


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