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Ex-Prosecutor Says It’s Over For Trump After Supreme Court Loss



Former federal prosecutor Laura Coates appeared on CNN on Tuesday after the Supreme Court refused to hear a key Republican challenge to the Pennsylvania election results.

Coates said that the Supreme Court’s decision means Trump’s chances to overturn the election are over.

“The jig is up,” said Coates. “The president has no more viable paths to even anticipate some legal basis for why he thinks that President-elect Joe Biden should not be sworn in this coming January.”

“You see what he tried to do — a lot of different efforts here,” Coates continued. “First, remember, he began trying to use an assertion he hoped he could work backwards and somehow the evidence would appear. He was unable at the lower courts, for a variety of reasons, across this country, to ever have any evidence to support his claim. Then he tried to work his way to the Supreme Court to say, hey, can you please be the last-ditch effort in this Hail Mary? The Court is refusing to do so primarily because, one, no evidence to support any substantive reason whatsoever to overturn the election. Also, there has not been anything at the lower court level that would even allow it to be prudent before the court today.”

“I think the writing was really on the wall … the safe harbor deadline being today, and this being the day the Court decided to make the ruling,” said Coates. “It is extraordinarily telling that even in the Supreme Court, where the president of the United States has been able to nominate and confirm three justices, that was certainly not enough for them to be at the strings of the president and they decided instead to go by what they did not have, which is a course of action, any evidence, and any substantive legal claim for which they should rule otherwise.”

Take a look at the video clip below: