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Ex-Georgia DA Criminally Charged For Covering Up Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery



Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson

Former Georgia district attorney Jackie Johnson has been arrested on charges of obstruction of justice in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man who was pursued and gunned down as he jogged through a Brunswick neighborhood last year.

Johnson was the county’s top prosecutor when Arbery was fatally shot last year, and one of the armed men who pursued him had worked for her as an investigator. She reportedly ordered officers not to press charges agasint the assailant.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, sought the indictment after requesting an investigation of misconduct by local prosecutors who failed to bring charges in the killing, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Johnson was booked after turning herself in to the Glynn County Sheriff’s office Wednesday morning after a grand jury returned an indictment on counts of obstruction and violations of oath by a public officer last week.

Johnson would face one to five years in prison if convicted of violating her oath of office.

A Georgia jury on Wednesday found Travis McMichael, 35; his father, Gregory McMichael, 65; and William “Roddie” Bryan, 52, guilty of multiple counts of murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery .