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Eric Trump Shares Photo Promoting Trump Wine — It Didn’t Go Well



Eric Trump on Friday tried some guerrilla-style marketing on Twitter by sharing a photograph of repositioned bottles of wine to issue a message of support for his father while promoting his family’s wine label. The marketing stunt went as well as you would expect.

“When you rearrange the shelves at your local grocery store … ” President Donald Trump’s second-eldest son captioned a photo of the purported guerrilla marketing post on Twitter.

The labels of the middle bottles, when combined, read “Vote Trump.”

Now, it’s unclear if Eric Trump was actually responsible for the rearrangement, where it happened, or even if he took the picture himself.

But that didn’t stop critics on Twitter from having a field day at his expense.

Some responded with photos of how they’d repositioned products at their own local stores to send anti-Trump messages.

Check some highlights below: