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Eric Trump Says His Father Is The Savior Of Christianity



During an interview with a North Dakota radio last week, Eric Trump claimed that his father Donald Trump “saved Christianity” when he became president.

While naming a list of his dad’s accomplishments, Eric Trump said “he literally saved Christianity.”

The middle Trump child didn’t offer specifics as to how his father managed to save the 2.4 billion people practicing the faith. Instead, he claimed that there was some sort of war going on between Christians and Democrats.

Around the time the comments were made, allegations were surfacing that Trump openly mocked his Christian supporters as “full of sh*t.”

“They’re all hustlers,” Trump said, according to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

“His view was ‘I’ve been talking to these people for years; I’ve let them stay at my hotels—they’re gonna endorse me. I played the game,’” a former campaign adviser to Trump said.

You can listen to Eric’s remarks below:

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