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Dozens Of Evangelical Leaders Urge Christians To Dump Trump In Scathing New Book: Report



The Christian Post reported on Monday that a new book was released that compiled 30 essays written by evangelical leaders imploring white evangelicals to rethink their support for Donald Trump.

The book, titled, The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump: 30 Evangelical Christians on Justice, Truth, and Moral Integrity, goes on to warn that evangelicals are giving off the wrong message by supporting someone like Trumpl=.

“Our plea is to white evangelicals to please take another look and ask, ‘Does this person measure up to biblical norms?’” Evangelicals for Social Action’s Ron Sider, who is also the book’s editor, told The Christian Post. “We are not telling you what to include. But please prayerfully think about that. Even if you think the book will make you mad, given the title, I challenge you to read it and decide for yourself if there are any valid points that we are making there.”

“The book is not a book to tell people how to vote,” Sider continued. “It is a book to call people to think biblically about this election and about the character of candidates.”

“We’re not just left-wing Democrats,” he said. “We are a whole range of views begging American white evangelicals to ask this simple question: ‘Does Donald Trump’s behavior and policies fit with or contradict biblical norms?’”

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