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Don Jr Announced As ‘Founding Journalist’ At New Media Company Looking To ‘Make News Credible Again’



PR Newswire reported on Saturday that Donald Trump Jr. will be “the first of six founding journalists and public figures in ‘OG1’,” a company that will supposedly use blockchain — the technology behind cryptocurrencies — to “make news credible again.”

“Americans know the media is broken, we don’t have to focus on the negative. The need for accurate, censorship-proof news is both a fundamental right and an enormous opportunity,” said Trump Jr. in a statement. “Together with Kimberly [Guilfoyle] and the amazing people in OMP, we have the technology, capital, and moral imperative to build this. Let’s get it done.”

According to the report, “As a special acquisition strategy, OMP is a multi-platform vehicle made of ‘buy-or-build’ assets in cable, print, and digital distribution. In addition to extensive financing capabilities, OMP brings unique blockchain technology called Overline Verified Viewer,” that, according to Overline CEO Patrick McConlogue, will “award viewers with digital coins that prove their viewership of a given segment or news anchor.” This will supposedly ensure “you don’t just have more credible reporters, you have more credible viewers.”

Don Jr. has been echoing his father’s falsehoods throughout the last four years.

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