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Dem Lawmaker Calls Out Former Trump Official For Misrepresenting Transgender Issues At Sustainable Investing Hearing



Rep. Becca Balint
Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT)confronts former Trump administration official Mandy Gunasekara during a House Hearing. Screenshot.

Progressive Democratic Rep. Becca Balint, of Vermont, passionately confronted a former Trump administration official during a hearing on sustainable investing, expressing her frustration with right-wing individuals constantly bringing up transgender issues in every hearing.

Balint took issue with Mandy Gunasekara, a GOP “climate and energy strategy strategist” who served in the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald Trump, for suggesting that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies are somehow being used to promote gender transitions for children.

Fed up with these claims, Balint directly challenged Gunasekara, asking if she genuinely believed in such unfounded assertions.

Gunasekara replied that “it was a matter of fact.”

Balint then questioned whether Gunasekara believed that investment strategies were weaponized to promote gender transitions for children or if she was merely using the topic as an opportunity to attack vulnerable individuals.

Gunasekara maintained that it was the people advocating for gender transitions in children who were potentially causing harm.

Balint then shared that she had met with parents whose transgender children had been denied care and subjected to demonization by the right. These parents implored her to stand up for them whenever the issue arose. Balint expressed frustration at the constant inclusion of transgender children in any conversation, regardless of the context of the hearing.



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