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DeJoy Rebukes Trump’s Conspiracy About Mail-In Voting: ‘He Is Incorrect’



Donald Trump has been pushing the idea that the United States Postal Service isn’t equipped to handle the surge on mail-in voting that will come in this year’s election due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy fact-checked the president and accused him of being wrong.

“The Postal Service will do it’s job to deliver the ballots. When the President goes into that the Postal Service doesn’t — is not equipped to do it, which, he is incorrect with that,” DeJoy said according to CNN. “We’re equipped to do it and we’re going to deliver ballots.”

DeJoy also claimed that he has not taken any orders from Trump to slow down mail service.

“No. No, no and a million times, no. I’ve had very little conversation with the administration,” DeJoy said. “The Postal Service is an independent organization. I report to a board of governors, a bipartisan board of governors, and that’s where we, where my plans for what we do with the Postal Service get approved.”

“So to date … I’ve had no input from the White House on anything, nor would they have any authority to direct me to do any anything,” he added.

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