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DeJoy May Have Committed Perjury As Warren And Others Accuse Him Of Lying At Hearing



Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the Senate on Friday over the recent changes made to the United States Postal Service. Following the hearing, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others accused DeJoy of lying, which raises the question: did he commit perjury?

One of apparently several issues: DeJoy’s testimony about overtime.

“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said today during his testimony that he has not cut postal workers’ overtime,” MSNBC reports. “But an internal USPS document show how policy changes prohibit ‘extra’ or ‘late’ trips and mandating that carriers ‘return on time.’”

This is what Warren had to say about it:

“Louis DeJoy flat-out lied to the Senate today about the changes he’s implemented at the @USPS, refused to cooperate with requests for documents, and rejected the idea of fixing his damage. Enough is enough: the Board of Governors must remove DeJoy & reverse his acts of sabotage.”

Other’s also accused DeJoy of lying.

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