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‘Coward’ Lindsey Graham Infuriates The Internet For Backing Trump Replacing Ginsburg ‘Without Delay’



Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, drew the ire of the internet on Saturday after indicating that he was on board with replacing the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “without delay” as requested by Donald Trump.

Graham, who previously stated “I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination,” now seems to have had an unsurprising change of heart.

“I fully understand where President @realDonaldTrump is coming from,” Graham wrote on Saturday while linking to the president’s tweet.

Graham’s about hypocrisy and about-face was duly noted on Twitter: