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Cop Filmed Punching Woman In The Head While She Was Strapped To a Gurney



An Illinois Round Lake Police officer was captured on video as he punched a woman on a gurney in the face several times after she allegedly suffered a mental breakdown.

Shocking images of the officer seemingly pummeling a restrained woman who was suffering a mental health episode have community leaders in Round Lake Beach, Ill., demanding action.

“We want him to be disciplined,” Pastor Julie Contreras told the Daily Herald. “It would show to this community that this type of behavior is unacceptable.”

According to the Herald, rescue workers were responding to a 911 call about a woman who was experiencing emotional troubles on Aug. 22 when the violence occurred.

Video taken by an outraged bystander shows an officer throwing unches at a woman, who was lying down and flanked by at least a half-dozen officers and rescue workers.

“They just punched her in the face!” said a woman who witnessed the apparent strikes from several feet away.

After being told he was being filmed, the officer pointed at his leg and shouted back that the woman on the stretcher had bitten him.

“I don’t give a sh-t, you’ve got guns and tasers, b–ch!” she said to the male officer. “You don’t punch a f—ing girl!”

Several other civilian onlookers witnessed the alleged brutality, which occurred in the northern Illinois’ Chain O’ Lakes region, on a waterfront near the Wisconsin border.

“Look at her!” the woman shooting the video yelled. “She was just screaming and now she’s knocked out.”

Round Lake police posted a statement on Facebook conceding the video was “shocking” while claiming the cop was defending himself.

“While striking a person who is actively biting an officer is within policy, the video is disturbing,” the open letter said. “To ensure that all officers followed proper policies and procedures, the Round Lake Beach Police Department will look to have an external evaluation of the incident.”

That statement also said the woman who was punched was treated at an area hospital.

Watch the video below:

Round Lake Beach police did not return a request for comment.