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CNN Reporter Cuts Interview With Trump Supporter As She Spewed Lies About Election Fraud



CNN report Sara Sidner made her way to a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington this weekend, where supporters of Donald Trump protested against the results of the election.

Sidner talked to a pro-Trump demonstrator holding a “Stop the Steal” sign — and the questioning broke down pretty quickly.

“What does that mean?” asked Sidner, pointing at the sign.

“It means that we want all of the votes audited and recounted and all of these swing states that stopped counting at midnight and mysteriously, miraculously came up with thousands of new votes, votes for Biden the next day, and some of them are still counting and we’re saying we want an honest and fair election,” said the woman.

“Nobody stopped counting mysteriously at midnight,” said Sidner.

“Yes, they did,” said the woman. “We’re watching the news. We follow it. We follow elections for years.”

“Legislators have stepped in and said this is a free and fair election, including one of the people Donald Trump put in place who is one of the federal security election officials, who has come out and said that all of his claims are baseless, and this was a free and fair election,” said Sidner. “What do you say to this? This is someone Donald Trump actually appointed to a position to be looking over for the security of the election?”

“I think that the people are not fooled,” said the woman. “We’ve been to the rallies. We’ve watched the numbers. We’ve watched the media who continues to lie to us and hide information. We don’t get our information from you all anymore. We get our information directly from the people online from their accounts. We’re able to follow our representatives, follow our senators, follow the people that tell the truth and report honestly.”

“Some of the senators that are Republican are saying—”

“Sure, some of them are part of the swamp,” said the woman. “That’s why they need to be cleaned out.”

“You don’t believe anyone that says this is a free and fair election?” said Sidner.

“Absolutely not.”

“Was 2016 a free and fair election?” Sidner pressed her.

“There was probably fraud then, too,” replied the woman. “I think the swamp is so deep there’s probably been fraud and cheating that have gone on for decades now.”

“Why weren’t you out here in 2016?” said Sidner. “Why weren’t you out here in 2016 if you thought there was fraud?”

“There’s been some fraud in all of the elections,” said the woman. “I’m not just talking about federal elections. I’m talking about state and local. We have this Dominion software that we have found a whole lot about, it mysteriously has glitches and they all go for Biden.”

“That’s — I’m sorry, that’s not true, but thank you so much,” said Sidner, cutting her off.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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