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Christian Group Praises ‘God-Fearing Men’ Who Killed Ahmaud Arbery: ‘They Were Protecting Neighborhood’



Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood for being black. He was chased down by Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael who claimed that he “fit the description” of someone who had been breaking into homes in the neighborhood.

Nearly three months after the attack, Gregory and Travis were arrested and charged with murder after a video surfaced that showed how they killed Arbery.

While many people saw the arrest of Gregory and Travis as justice being served, others believe that they should be freed.

A group that goes by the name “Christians Against Google” started a Facebook group titled: “Justice For Gregory and Travis McMichael.”

The group posted the following description:

“These 2 God fearing men were only trying to protect their neighborhood. This area has had a string of break-ins and this man fit the description and did not comply with simple commands. Our hearts go out to the McMichael family in their time of need. Amen.”

The group has nearly 70,000 members.

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