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Chip Roy Urged To ‘Lawyer Up’ After His Defense For Role On Trump’s Attempted Coup Backfires



Rep. Chip Roy

GOP Rep Chip Roy, of Texas rushes to Twitter on Easter weekend to defend his role in Donald Trump’s attempted coup after CNN reported Friday morning that he and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) were in constant contact for days with former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows attempting to figure out a way to steal the election from Joe Biden in order to keep Trump in power.

As previously reported by The Daily Boulder, the two lawmakers were aggressively pushing talking points from the White House in the hopes of derailing the will of the voters.

However, after realizing that the case being made by Trump’s legal team would not hold up to scrutiny, they decided to accept the inevitable: Trump had to vacate the White House.

Facing widespread backlash, Roy asserted on Friday that he did the right thing and was “acting in defense of the Constitution.”

“Been off social media this Good Friday, but apparently there’s quite a stir. I’ll say this once. No apologies for my private texts or public positions – to those on the left or right. I stand behind seeking truth, fighting nonsense, & then acting in defense of the Constitution,” Roy wrote on Twitter.

Naturally, Twitter users wasted no time to fire back and some urged the Texas lawmaker to “lawyer up” for impending legal troubles.

Check Roy’s tweet and some of the responses below: