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Caught In The Act: Trump Operatives Spent Hours Inside Georgia Elections Office The Day It Was Breached



Fake elector scheme

Newly released surveillance video confirms fake Trump elector spent hours inside Georgia elections office day it was breached.

The video —as seen below— shows for the first time what happened inside a Georgia county elections office the day its voting systems are known to have been breached on January 7, 2021.

The footage shows that a Republican Party official named Cathy Latham and operatives working with an attorney for former President Donald Trump spent hours inside a restricted area of the Coffee County elections office that day.

Latham, who is under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector in 2020, said in sworn testimony that she briefly stopped by the office in Coffee County that afternoon. She said she stayed in the foyer and spoke with a junior official about an unrelated matter at the front desk.

“I didn’t go into the office,” Latham said, according to a transcript of her deposition filed in court. She said she had seen in passing a pro-Trump businessman and they chatted for “five minutes at most.”

She claimed that she could not remember the topic and that she left soon after for an early dinner with her husband, according to The Washington Post.

The new video, obtained as part of a years-long civil lawsuit in Georgia related to the security of voting systems there, shows Latham remained in the office for hours as those same operatives set up computers near election equipment and appear to access voting data.

Watch the video below: