Massive Lego Theft Ring Busted: Police Recover $200,000 Worth of Stolen Blocks

In a significant crackdown on organized retail crime, Oregon police have dismantled a large-scale Lego theft operation in Eugene, seizing…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Several People Gunned Down In Texas In Fourth of July Shooting

A violent incident shook a neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, as gunfire erupted in a backyard early Thursday morning, leaving…

Staff Writer 1 Min Read

Florida Man Charged With Murder For Crashing U-Haul Into Neighbor’s Balcony And Shooting Him After Complaint

A Florida man rammed a U-Haul truck into his new neighbor's balcony, then allegedly fired multiple shots that killed the…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

‘Bling Bishop’ Sentenced to 9 Years Following $1M Robbery Incident

"Bling Bishop" Lamor Miller-Whitehead, the flamboyant pastor from Brooklyn, has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison following his…

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Latest crime

Caught On Video: Suspect Runs Over Texas Man Twice, Kisses Him, Then Stabs Him to Death

The killer walked away as if nothing had happened, neighbors said.

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

Arizona Officials Hunt Down Rudy Giuliani to Serve Indictment Notice, Can’t Find Him

Efforts to formally serve Rudy Giuliani with an indictment notice in relation to his alleged involvement in a scheme to…

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Florida Man Takes a Bite Out of Deputy’s Head During Wild Rampage at EDM Fest

The man was arrested after biting a chunk out of a deputy's head at an EDM music festival on Sunday

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

New Hampshire Man Receives Maximum Sentence For Brutal Murder of 5-Year-Old Daughter

The gavel struck with a resounding echo, sealing the fate of Adam Montgomery, the New Hampshire man convicted of the…

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Stormy Daniels Hits Back at Trump’s Lawyer: ‘I Didn’t Expect To See An Older Man In His Underwear’

In the latest development of the legal saga between Stormy Daniels and former President Donald Trump, Daniels has sharply rebuked…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

‘Three More Weeks?’: Trump Lashes Out At Lengthy Trial, Claims Political Interference

Former President Donald Trump expressed frustration on Monday over the ongoing duration of his Manhattan criminal hush money trial, decrying…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

Judge Cannon Grants Trump ‘Indefinite Trial Delay’ in Classified Documents Case

Judge Aileen Cannon's recent actions have sparked outrage as she granted Donald Trump what can only be described as an…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Man Points Gun at Pennsylvania Pastor During Church Service

A 26-year-old man created panic during a live-streamed church service in Western Pennsylvania last Sunday when he brandished a gun…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

‘Gag Order Doesn’t Prevent You From Testifying’: Judge Marchan Debunks Trump’s Lie In Court

In a blunt rebuke to Donald Trump's misinformation, Judge Juan Marchan dispelled any illusions on Friday, asserting Trump's unfettered right…

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