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‘Call Child Protective Service’: Lara Trump Ripped For Forcing Son To Ride In Rain As Hurricane Ian Battered Florida Coast



Lara Trump

Lara Trump, wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric, is being dragged on social media after posting a bizarre video of her young son suffering in the pouring rain on Wednesday in what she called a “character building” moment.

The video, posted to Instagram, came as Florida’s Gulf Coast was being battered by Hurricane Ian, a category 4 storm. Lara and Eric Trump live across the state in Jupiter.

“Thought we had a clear window, turns out we did some character building instead 🙈🤣🌧🌀,” the post said. “Stay safe everyone! 🙏🏽”

In the video, Lara’s son is seen wiping his eyes in discomfort on a miniature push dozer as she tells him, “You can do it, let’s go.”

The video immediately garnered criticism online, with some questioning why she’d record a video of her child in discomfort and post it online for laughs.

“I’m not surprised that Lara Trump is a horrible and abusive mother,” one user wrote.

Others called the video “disgusting” and urge people to “call Child Protective Services on Lara trump for having her son out in the storm and filming him crying his eyes out.”

Watch the video and some of the reactions below: