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Brad Parscale Likens Trump To a ‘Martyr’, Claims He Will Gain ‘Super Powers’ To Win In 2024 After Impeachment



Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is calling on his former boss to run again in 2024 because he will have “super powers’ after his second impeachment, claiming that Democrats will make him “a martyr.”

“If they only impeached you twice, you need to run again. Because to change the system you have to kick it in the a#$,” Pascale tweeted Saturday. “I would love to be [sic] the only President to be impeached three times. Because history remembers those that didn’t conform. I’m in, are you?”

In a second tweet, Parcale compared Trump to Mike Tyson while predicting he will have “super powers’ after making history by being impeached twice.

“If Trump asked me how to win again. I would run on being impeached twice. They are about to give him super powers. They just aren’t smart enough to see it. It’s why we laughed at Mike Tyson in the Hangover. They just don’t get it yet. They are about to make him a martyr,” Parscale predicted.

Parscale, who was Trump’s 2020 campaign manager until he was removed abruptly from his post in July, went on to argue Trump could “win easily” if he ran in 2024.