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Boebert’s Reelection Bid Hits Rough Waters With Fifth-Place Finish in District Straw Poll



Lauren Boebert suddenly in rouble waters as she finishes fifth in straw poll of new district.
Lauren Boebert suddenly in rouble waters as she finishes fifth in straw poll of new district. (Photo: Imgur)

In a surprising turn of events, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) finds herself in choppy political waters after landing in the fifth spot in a recent straw poll conducted among voters in her newly chosen district.

Boebert, a controversial figure first elected in 2020 to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, made headlines last month when she announced her decision to switch gears and seek reelection in the 4th District after Rep. Ken Buck’s (R) retirement from Congress.

While the move was strategically aimed at securing a more solidly Republican stronghold, the latest straw poll results suggest that Boebert’s journey to reelection might not be as smooth as anticipated. The poll, conducted after the first GOP candidates’ debate for the 4th District, placed Boebert in the fifth position, garnering only 10 percent of the total votes from debate attendees.

The frontrunners in this political horse race include Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, securing 22 votes, former Colorado House Minority Leader Mike Lynch with 20 votes, Douglas County filmmaker Deborah Flora with 18 votes, and state House Minority Whip Richard Holtorf with 17 votes, according to insiders at Colorado Politics.

Lauren Boebert behind in the polls

The straw poll, though lacking the scientific precision of a professional polling firm, raises eyebrows and underlines the potential challenges Boebert may face in securing the coveted Republican nomination. Boebert defended her decision to switch districts during the debate, vehemently countering accusations of carpetbagging and emphasizing the need for a “fresh start” for herself and her family.

Organizer Tammy Klein expressed disappointment in the two-thirds participation rate in the straw poll, attributing it to the candidates’ struggles in rallying their supporters for ticket purchases.

As the political drama unfolds in the 4th District, Boebert’s unexpected fifth-place finish adds an intriguing twist to an already closely watched race, leaving political pundits and voters alike speculating on the outcome of this high-stakes battle for congressional representation.