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Black Man Pulled Over By White Cop For Driving 65mph In a 70mph Zone



As protests against police brutality and racial profiling continue to dominate the news cycle, a rediscovered video of a white police officer pulling over a black for driving 65mph on a 70mph zone is taking over social media.

The video, posted on Feb 18, 2020, depicts a black motorist, Ace Perry, being pulled over by a Sampson County, NC, police officer who identifies himself as deputy Snow.

The most disturbing part of the video is when the officer says he was suspicious because Perry was traveling 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. He then issues Perry with a warning but refuses to tell him what the warning is for.

When Perry confronted him after he received a “written warning” for driving under the speed limit, the cop claimed obeying all the traffic laws and not speeding was “suspicious.” He couldn’t even look at Perry in the eye, likely knowing that his job consists of harassing innocent people for no reason.

“Wouldn’t you say it is kind of suspicious to travel under the speed limit and when the speed limit is 70?” the deputy asked before he dismissed Perry, telling him, “I’ve got stuff to do.”

Perry answered back, telling the cop that he has stuff to do too and would have appreciated not being pulled over and harassed by a racial profiling cop.

It’s a telling warning for black drivers nationwide: for you, the speed limit is an unknowable fraction of the posted number.


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