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Bill Maher Lampoons Fox News For Refusing To Air Jan 6 Hearing



Bill Maher

During his opening monologue on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, HBO host Bill Maher slammed Fox News over its decision not to air the House Jan. 6 committee’s first public hearing on its primary channel and for prioritizing Britney Spears’ wedding on its website.

During his opening monologue on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, the comedian said,

“Fox News wouldn’t even show it. They had their regular programming,” Maher said. “They put it on Fox Business Network because I think we could all agree this is a business story.”

He added: “The Fox News website today had — you know what … the big thing was on it? Britney Spears. One of her exes crashed her wedding. This is like if during Watergate The Washington Post ran a story about Cher falling in the pool.”

The House select committee held its first public hearing on Thursday in an effort to make the case that former President Trump played a central role in a plot to remain in power following the 2020 presidential election.

During the hearing, the panel aired clips of testimony from former Attorney General William Barr and the former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump. It also included live testimony from Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards and documentarian Nick Quested.

The prime-time hearing was broadcast by all major news networks. But Fox News Media announced ahead of the committee’s hearing earlier this week that it would not be carrying live, continuous coverage of the hearing on its primary channel. Instead, they said, would “cover the hearings as news warrants.”

Watch Maher’s commentary below from HBO: