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Biden Opens Up Lead In Three Key States Trump Won In 2016: Poll



Voters in three critical battleground states are now leaning in former Vice President Joe Biden’s way, according to new Arizona, Florida and Michigan CNN polls conducted by SSRS. The news comes 100 days form the November election.

In Arizona, Biden leads Trump 49% to 45%, the survey found. The Florida poll shows 51% Biden to 46% for President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, voters break in Biden’s favor by double-digit margins in Michigan with Biden leading 52% to 40%, matching the national average for the presidential race per the most recent CNN Poll of Polls.

As noted by CNN, President Trump carried all three states in 2016, with his narrowest win in any state coming from Michigan, which he carried by only 10,704 votes. The poll results are among registered voters, but when looking only at those who say they are most likely to vote in this fall’s election, support for the two candidates remains about the same.

Across all three states, Trump’s approval ratings for handling the coronavirus outbreak and for handling racial inequality in the US are underwater, with disapproval at 57% in Michigan, 54% in Arizona, and 51% in Florida, according to the polls.

The results suggest the President could be on better ground in all three states should the country’s focus shift to the economy: In Arizona and Florida, majorities rate the President positively for his handling of the economy (52% approve in each state). Michiganders are about evenly divided (47% approve to 49% disapprove).

But there is little to suggest such a shift is in the immediate future.