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Biden Finds His GOP Punching Bag In Fight To Preserve Social Security



Joe Biden social security fight

After putting Republicans on the spot for plotting to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, President Joe Biden is heading to Florida, where he is expected to drive home his pledge to protect the popular social programs and challenge GOP Sen. Rick Scott (-FL), the architect of a plan that would sunset all federal legislations – including Social Security and Medicare – every five years and require Congress to approve them again.

The president will seek to draw a sharp contrast with Republicans by highlighting Scott’s proposal to end entitlement programs during his visit to the sunshine state.

There’s no state with a larger population that utilizes those programs and most critically than Florida. And there are no two politicians they want to spar with more on the programs than Scott and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“We want this fight,” a senior White House official told CNN. “We relish this fight.”

The president offered a preview of his post-State of the Union message to union workers in DeForest, where he pushed Republicans on their plans to negotiate spending cuts in exchange for a debt limit increase, including proposed cuts to the social safety net.

“Look – a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare. Well, let me just say this: it’s your dream, but I’m gonna have my veto pen make it a nightmare,” he said, according to CNN.


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