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Trump Tasks Ben Carson With Developing Plan To ‘Restore’ Minority Communities After COVID-19 Impact



President Donald Trump has tasked Housing Secretary Ben Carson with developing a plan to “restore”minority communities to “full economic health” following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has been more than twice as deadly for black and Latino populations in the city of New York, and the economic crash has been particularly acute for Latino communities.

“I’m directing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council led by Secretary Ben Carson to focus its effort on supporting underserved communities impacted by the coronavirus,” Trump said during Wednesday’s White House press briefing, according to Salon.

“Furthermore, the council will seek input from the private sector and community leaders on how we can best support minority and distressed communities,” Trump added, suggesting the new task force would include corporate interests alongside volunteer organizations with a track record of advising the administration, such as the Urban Revitalization Coalition.

The council will also help Congress determine what kind of funding to provide underserved communities in future rounds of financial relief, the president said.