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Australians Rally to Prevent Donald Trump Jr. From Entering Their Country, Petition Reaches More 18K Signatures



Donald Trump Jr.
Australian are mobilizing to keep Donald Trump Jr. away from their country. (Screengrab)

Australians are mobilizing to keep Donald Trump Jr. away from their country. A petition, garnering over 18,000 signatures, aims to thwart the eldest son of the former president from his planned visit in July, where he intends to disseminate his MAGA ideology.

The message is crystal clear: Down under, Australians have no desire to welcome Trump Jr. and his divisive rhetoric. The petition, initiated by Kris Eriksen on, highlights the concerns of many, labeling Trump Jr. as a “bigoted person” who should be barred from entering Australia. Eriksen explicitly emphasizes the need to prevent him from using the country as a platform for gathering campaign contributions for himself and potentially his father.

Scheduled for July 9-11, Trump Jr.’s tour across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane is anticipated to be a platform for airing his right-wing grievances. In an interview with an Australian news agency, he asserted that the same “disease” of woke identity politics and cancel culture that has crippled the United States has also taken root in Australia, posing the greatest existential threat to the Western world and eroding its societal fabric.

The tour is organized by Turning Point Australia, a right-wing group that hails Trump Jr. as an inspirational figure among conservatives worldwide.

The petitioners passionately articulated their reasons for endorsing the ban on Trump Jr.’s entry:

“Donald Trump Jr. supported an insurrection.”
“We already have enough extremist individuals in Australia.”
“Promoters of hate speech should not be granted a platform in our country.”
“We do not want him or his intolerant associates attracting far-right extremists and neo-Nazis.”


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