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April Ryan Calls Trump ‘Murderer-In-Chief,’ Says He Should Be Locked Up



American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan took to Twitter on Saturday as the death tolls in America due to COVID-19 continue to rise.

The White House reporter told her Twitter followers that Donald Trump has blood on his hands and should be held responsible for the 253,000+ deaths after he downplayed the virus.

“I’ve been saying it since March and will always say it, Donald Trump has blood on his hands for the deaths of the 253K+ Americans that are dead because he ignored and politicized this virus. He went from being the Spreader-in-Chief to the Murderer-in-Chief. #LockHimUp.”

Ryan’s tweet was in response to culture critic Jawn Murray’s observation that if “Trump was a doctor and intentionally misled our nation about this pandemic, he’d be prosecuted for medical malpractice! Trump as POTUS aided and abetted a virus that murdered 253K+ Americans, committing Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. The International Crime Court should prosecute him!”

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