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Anti-Vax Right-Wing Pundit Dies After Getting COVID At Q-Anon Event



Douglas Kuzma

Right-wing radio host and podcaster Douglas Kuzma —who was a notorious critic of the COVID-19 vaccine— has died while battling the coronavirus, which he contracted after attending a QAnon event in Texas, that Q-Anon believers baselessly claimed was the victim of an anthrax attack, The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo reports.

Kuzma, who hosted a program on the far-right “Frog News Network” and called his listeners “froganites,” had come down with COVID-19 after attending the right-wing “ReAwaken America Tour” conference held in Texas in mid-December, according to The Beast.

As noted by Petrizzo, “The news initially kicked off with pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood posting to Telegram in later December that Kuzma had ‘taken a turn for the worse’ as his lungs aren’t responding to treatment.”

In a series of Telegram messages posted to Frog News Network’s channel on Christmas Day, a channel administrator claimed that Kuzma was in desperate need of prayers and had been sedated on a ventilator.

Rumors had begun circulating after the ReAwaken America Tour event around a baseless theory that attendees were victims of a “bioweapons” attack stemming from anthrax being pumped through fog machines—not the deadly virus that has been sweeping the globe for the last 18 months.

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